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Howe Trinity Parish Church, Alford, Aberdeenshire

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Howe Trinity Parish Church, Main Street, Alford
The final Fairtrade stall of the first Sunday of each month will be held on Sunday 1st February after the service. The Fairtrade group will still provide Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar etc for the Church Hall and will take orders from anyone for other Traidcraft goods, also raising awareness of Fairtrade issues when appropriate through the church. The Fairtrade group have given this change in activity much thought and would like to thank everyone who has supported their stall over the last seven years, and thereby supported the farmers and producers in the developing world.

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Mon 26th - Heavenly Father, we pray for the long-term unemployed and those who struggle financially, for those who are anxious about their jobs being under threat through cutbacks and for young people looking for work.

Tues 27th - Give thanks for John, our minister. Pray that God will continue to grow and inspire him.

Wed 28th - Pray for people whose lives are changing, those where change is welcome, and those facing difficult or unwanted changes. Ask that God will show us where we need to change, and help us to do so.

Thurs 29th - Pray for people who are alone or missing a loved one, who are far away from home or who have no home, whose lives are shrouded in darkness, who know nothing of love or of God's love for them.

Fri 30th - We remember the work of Aberdeen Street Pastors and pray especially for Steve Vickers as he is commissioned this evening. Pray too for more volunteers to come forward to train as School and Retail Pastors.

Sat 31st - Pray for our Bible Study Groups as they study God's word, pray that they will gain a deeper understanding and be strengthened in their faith. Give thanks for the encouragement and support received in these groups and for friendships made.

Sun 1st Feb - We thank you for our Church, we give thanks for the fellowship we enjoy within it and for the guidance for life and living we receive there.

Thank you for reading our Prayer Diary: we hope you found it helpful. We would welcome your feedback. If there is any topic you would like included in a future diary please contact Liz Laing elizabethlaing@btinternet.com (63033)
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Mission Statement of Howe Trinity Parish Church

Howe Trinity Parish Church seeks, by God's grace --

- to pray for and reach out to all people
- to welcome them into a loving and caring fellowship where God is worshipped
- to promote growth in faith for all ages

and to achieve these aims by valuing and developing the gifts of all.

Helping to spread the Gospels throughout the Howe of Alford



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