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Howe Trinity Parish Church, Alford, Aberdeenshire

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Thinking/Founder's Day at Howe Trinity Parish Church
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On Sunday 25 February we look forward to welcoming the young people from the local Scouting and Guiding units for their annual Founder's Day/Thinking Day Service.

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Mon 19th - Lord, you know the things in my life that cause me pain, anxiety and worry. Please show me how you are at work through those things, and give me the ability to trust you more.

Tues 20th - Let us pray for refugees all over the world, travelling hard and dangerous roads to what they hope is a better life. Lord, keep them safe from people traffickers, sexual abuse, physical harm, sickness and hardship, and bring them to a place of safety where they can thrive.

Wed 21st - Inspire us Lord, to take the gospel more seriously, that we may be credible witnesses of your love.

Thurs 22nd - Heavenly Father, please be very near to all those who are suffering long-term illnesses or problems. Give them courage, hope, and above all, the knowledge of your everlasting love.

Fri 23rd - Lord, in your mercy, we ask you to send your wisdom into the hearts of our politicians. May it move our leaders into a new humility and compassion that truly seeks to serve the people of our nation. Lord, guide them, soften their hearts and enlighten their minds.

Sat 24th - Dear God, open my eyes to the things you are doing in my life. I want to be all you want me to be - even if that means there are some things I need to change.

Sun 25th - Lord, I come to you as a child: I am weak and I don't have all the answers. But I trust that you'll take care of me and give me what I need for today.

Thank you for reading our Prayer Diary: we hope you found it helpful. We would welcome your feedback. If there is any topic you would like included in a future diary please contact enquiries@howetrinity.org.uk
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Mission Statement of Howe Trinity Parish Church

Howe Trinity Parish Church seeks, by God's grace --

- to pray for and reach out to all people
- to welcome them into a loving and caring fellowship where God is worshipped
- to promote growth in faith for all ages

and to achieve these aims by valuing and developing the gifts of all.

Helping to spread the Gospels throughout the Howe of Alford



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